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Why You Should Sell on Makro Marketplace

Discover the ins and outs of Makro Marketplace with our straightforward guide.

As the ecommerce landscape evolves in South Africa, online marketplaces like Makro Marketplace offer lucrative opportunities for retailers. With the impending entry of Amazon South Africa reshaping the industry dynamics, Makro Marketplace offers a compelling alternative for retailers seeking to broaden their sales channels. Here, we explore the reasons why selling on Makro Marketplace could be advantageous for your business.

What is
Makro Marketplace? 

    Makro Marketplace is the marketplace division of Makro, South Africa’s largest omnichannel retailer.It serves as a platform  that extends Makro’s online offering by allowing ecommerce sellers to list and sell their new products on Makro’s online store. It operates similarly to other online marketplaces in South Africa, empowering sellers to decide their selling price and with Makro facilitating the transaction at a cost of a commission based on the category and selling price of the products.

    How does selling on
    Makro Marketplace work?

    • Makro Marketplace streamlines the selling process by taking care of fulfilment for you. After successfully listing your products and setting prices, you're only responsible for picking and packing orders. Makro Marketplace arranges for a trusted courier to handle delivery, all at no cost to you. Additionally, you benefit from fraud protection, safeguarding you against any fraudulent orders. This streamlined approach stands out in the world of online marketplaces, where fees for fulfilment, shipping, and storage can quickly add up. Makro Marketplace simplifies the process further by handling fulfilment tasks and only charging a commission fee once a sale is completed. However, for products exceeding 40 kilograms or dimensions of 80x70x60 centimetres, you'll need to fulfil the orders at your own expense.

    Why Should You Sell on Marketplace Marketplace?

    No Monthly Fees

      Although the very nature of online marketplaces often entails various costs, such as fulfilment and storage fees, Makro Marketplace operates differently. Unlike many other platforms, Makro Marketplace does not charge any monthly fees for sellers. Instead, sellers only incur a commission fee, which is determined by the category of the product being sold. This fee structure offers a transparent and cost-effective approach for sellers looking to expand their reach without worrying about fixed monthly expenses.

      Access to Makro Marketplace’s Brand Trust and Marketing

        As South Africa’s largest omni-channel retailer,  drawing in nearly 24 million customers who flock to its platforms over 77 million times annually, solidifying its status as a household name. Leveraging this established brand trust and marketing power, selling on Makro Marketplace offers unparalleled exposure for your products. Accessing Makro Marketplace means leveraging the trust and marketing power of Makro Marketplace. This strategic move allows smaller businesses to benefit from Makro’s established brand reputation, minimising the need for extensive marketing efforts typically required to establish a standing in the world of online marketplaces. 

        Listing in physical Makro Stores 

          Expanding beyond the digital realm, Makro Marketplace offers the enticing prospect of listing your products in their physical stores - should your products sell well. This opens a significant avenue for businesses to extend their online presence into in-person sales, particularly valuable in a market like South Africa where omnichannel retail remains prominent. Being featured in Makro's physical stores presents a compelling opportunity for business growth and diversification.

          How do I start selling on Makro Marketplace?

            To begin selling on Makro Marketplace, ensure that your business operates within South Africa and offers new products. Start by completing the application form and attending the mandatory training session upon acceptance. Getting started with Makro Marketplace is straightforward: list your products, await approval, and then prepare to fulfil orders as they come in. 

              In conclusion, Makro Marketplace offers a streamlined approach to online selling, simplifying the process for sellers. Diversifying your marketplace presence is crucial for maximising sales and visibility, and Makro Marketplace presents an excellent opportunity to expand your reach, with little fees and simplified fulfilment. Additionally, partnering with our Marketplace Management Agency can further enhance your selling strategy across various online marketplaces, including Makro Marketplace, aligning it with your business's objectives. Take the first step towards reaching a broader audience and boosting your sales by joining Makro Marketplace today. 


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