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Looking Beyond The Giants: Small Online Marketplaces in South Africa

While Takealot and Makro Marketplace dominate the online marketplace scene in South Africa, but smaller and less known marketplaces add depth and diversity to the e-commerce landscape.

Think of online marketplaces in South Africa, and names like Takealot or Amazon likely come to mind. You might occasionally consider Makro Marketplace as well. Yet, did you know that dozens of other smaller marketplaces thrive in the South African e-commerce space?

Smaller scale marketplaces are often left out of the conversation, despite playing a crucial role in empowering SMEs with little to no subscription costs, low commission fees and oftentimes guaranteed marketing on their behalf. Here’s why you should look beyond the giants and consider these smaller-scale marketplaces.

online marketplaces in south africa


Shopfox takes a fresh approach to the e-commerce experience with a carefully curated marketplace, and they do it well. Showcasing a blend of brands that are characterised by beautiful and intentional design, they prioritise quality and a great online shopping experience. Shopfox stands out as the perfect choice for e-commerce businesses that prioritise the visual allure of their products. 

Here’s why you should consider selling on Shopfox:

  • Own Shop Page with Full Functionality - Sellers can create their own shop page on the marketplace, featuring products, brand assets, contact info, and more, providing a fully-functioning shop enhancing the visibility and brand awareness of your business.

  • Comprehensive Brand Support - Through brand consulting, specialised market exposure, resources, ads, analytics, and a unique hosting platform. These tools are strategically designed to empower sellers for success and enhance their brand presence online.

  • Flexible Pricing Schemes - Shopfox understands the diverse needs of brands and offers flexible pricing schemes to accommodate individual preferences. The standard plan includes a commission fee percentage, covering card transaction fees and platform use.

  • Shipping Options - Sellers benefit from two shipping options. They can choose to ship directly to Shopfox's storeroom on consignment or shipping directly from the seller’s location. It’s important to note that different shipping fees and logistics apply to each option.

online marketplaces in south africa


  • Founded in 2019 with a core philosophy of customer centricity and client satisfaction, Supribuy is driven by their mission to “bring the world closer to our customers, allowing them to buy more, buy better, buy superior”. Serving as an e-commerce marketplace, Supribuy lists a variety of product categories from baby, beauty and books to health and homeware. 

  • Here’s why you should consider selling on Supribuy:

  • Fulfilment Centre Efficiency -Supribuy's FBA-like service, similar to Fulfilment by Amazon, is a key benefit for their sellers. Ideal for businesses that prefer marketplace-managed logistics, Supribuy swiftly fulfils customer orders through its strategically designed fulfilment centre. 

  • Flexibility in Inventory Volume - There is no minimum requirement for the number of products that sellers need to send for storage at the Supribuy fulfilment centre adding to the benefit of having Supribuy handle the logistics.

  • Seller Account Costs - Seller account costs amount to R175.00 (incl. VAT) per month, encompassing a comprehensive suite of services. This includes product listings, barcoding, product receival, product photography, marketing, fulfilment, and customer relations. Success fees, varying between 9% and 13%, depend on the specific product categories.

  • Branded Packaging - Supribuy understands the importance of brand image and allows sellers to incorporate their own packaging when fulfilling orders.

online marketplaces in south africa


  • Fempreneurs stands out as a platform thoughtfully crafted exclusively for women entrepreneurs. More than just a marketplace, Fempreneurs is a dedicated community committed to arming women with the essential tools and support required for a successful business and sustained sales. The platform offers a diverse array of resources and coaching services, all at affordable rates.

  • Considering selling on Fempreneurs? Here's why it could be the perfect fit for you:

  • Stores and Listings - Fempreneurs provides the option to either create a store, complete with a payment gateway and additional services, all while showcasing your unique branding and perfected for selling. Alternatively, if you already have a website, you can create a listing on Fempreneurs, driving increased traffic to your site and boosting brand awareness.

  • Low Commission Fees - Transparency is key for Fempreneurs, and they take pride in charging a minimal commission fee of just 3% on each sale—an incredibly competitive rate in comparison to other marketplaces.

  • One Month Free Trial - Standout feature alert! Fempreneurs offers sellers a free trial, allowing them to gauge if the platform aligns with their needs. For e-commerce businesses exploring marketplace options, this presents an excellent opportunity to test the waters with minimal costs.

  • Simplified Onboarding - Simplifying what can often be an overwhelming process, Fempreneurs streamlines onboarding. They can build your marketplace store, incorporating links to your social media, designing a store banner, and uploading your products—eliminating the hassle for you.

  • Flexibility for Sellers - Fempreneurs understands that businesses have varied needs, so they offer flexibility in choosing a seller plan that aligns best with your specific requirements. Starting at just R79 per month, their plans are designed to be the most affordable in the market.

Picking The Right Marketplace

  • In the emerging world of marketplaces, South Africa offers a diverse array of smaller-scale platforms, each with unique advantages that stand out from the larger counterparts. For SMEs seeking opportunities to enhance brand visibility, showcase products, and drive sales, the key lies in selecting a marketplace that integrates seamlessly with their business goals.


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