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How to Sell on Amazon South Africa

Learn how to sell on Amazon South Africa, from costs to product requirements and more.

Exciting times are here as Amazon South Africa officially opens its doors for sellers. With over 60% of Amazon’s global sales driven by third-party sellers, this new market offers a promising opportunity. Since October 2023, South African e-commerce entrepreneurs have been flocking to Amazon South Africa, enticed by a special offer of just R1 until December. Curious on how to sell on Amazon South Africa? Let's dive in!

How to apply to Sell on Amazon South Africa 

    If you're wondering how to sell on Amazon South Africa, rest assured, the process is straightforward. Amazon has streamlined the signup process, making it accessible for e-commerce businesses of all sizes. To begin, visit the dedicated Amazon South Africa page and follow the prompts to create your seller account. Be sure to provide accurate information to avoid any registration mishaps. Once your account is set up, you'll gain access to Amazon's vast marketplace, where you can list your products and start reaching customers across South Africa. With Amazon's user-friendly interface and support resources, getting started as a seller has never been easier.

    Required information to Sell on Amazon South Africa

    • To register as a seller on Amazon South Africa, you'll need to provide specific details, including:
    • Proof of identity: This can be in the form of an ID, passport, or driver's licence.
    • Proof of address: Submit a bank statement or credit card statement that displays your address.
      Company registration number (if applicable): If you're registering as a company, include your company registration number.
      • Unique email address: Use an email address that hasn't been linked to another Amazon account.
      Phone number: Provide a valid contact number for communication purposes.

      What does it cost to Sell on Amazon South Africa

        Amazon South Africa offers two selling plans for sellers: the Individual Plan and the Professional Plan.

          With the Individual Plan, sellers are charged R10 (excluding VAT) per item sold, along with additional fees. This plan is suitable for sellers who are new to Amazon or are testing the platform, as it allows for a maximum of 40 units sold per month and doesn't provide access to advanced selling tools.

            On the other hand, the Professional Plan, currently available for a limited time offer of R1 per month until December 2024, offers comprehensive access to the platform. This plan includes access to APIs, advanced selling reports, and restricted categories. The regular price for this plan is R400 (excluding VAT), with additional selling fees such as fulfilment fees, referral fees, and Amazon Easy Ship fees applicable.

            What you need to add your Products on Amazon South Africa

              To list your products on Amazon South Africa, it's essential to ensure they have barcodes for identification. Barcodes can be Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) barcodes, such as UPC, ISBN, or EAN. If your product is handmade or the brand is owned by you, you may need to purchase barcodes or apply for an exemption.

              • Understanding the category your products belong to is crucial, as referral fees vary based on the category. Additionally, you'll need the following information to list your products:

              • Product Title
              • Bullet points outlining Product Features
              • Detailed Product Description
              • High-quality Product Images
              • Product Dimensions, including Packaging Dimensions

              Partnering with a Marketplace Agency to sell on Amazon South Africa

                Selling on Amazon South Africa is just the beginning of your journey to success. Once your products are listed, the real work begins - managing shipments, optimising listings, and driving sales growth. This can be challenging and time-consuming, especially for businesses new to the platform. That's where a Marketplace Agency comes in. With our proven track record and comprehensive suite of services, we'll handle all aspects of your Amazon operations, allowing you to focus on what you do best – growing your business. Contact us to discuss how our Marketplace Agency can help you succeed on Amazon South Africa. Contact us today to discuss how our Marketplace Agency can help you succeed on Amazon South Africa.


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